behind The Estie Babe

Hey babe! I’m Kaitlyn, the founder and owner of The Estie Babe. After many stressful years as a social worker, I decided to follow my passion in skincare and became a licensed esthetician! Now, I utilize my therapeutic skills and skincare knowledge to support my clients in building confidence within their natural beauty. I truly believe when we feel better on the outside, we’re able to be our most authentic, beautiful self which is why I established my business to focus on providing ethical and results driven facial treatments.

what to expect

When first meeting with a client, I complete a thorough consultation to identify their personal skin concerns, current lifestyle, and skincare knowledge. I educate them on how lifestyle choices, skincare products, and professional treatments are all factors that will impact the health of their skin.
It’s also important for my clients to understand that as their licensed esthetician, I work with them to achieve the common goal of healthier skin! I build a professional treatment plan and at-home skincare routine for my client to begin, and I ensure my client understands they must be consistent with both in order to see the desired results. By utilizing this type of approach, I have been able to establish trust with my current clients and help them achieve the skin of their dreams!

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